Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Recap

2012 is coming to a close, and I'm feeling reflective and contemplative. It's been a great year. I recently turned 31, and I was thinking about my first full year in my 30's... I feel younger now than I did 5 years ago. I think sewing has contributed to this feeling. As I'm sharpening my sewing skills, I'm able to make clothes that reflect me and make my outside reflect my ideas. That feels GOOD! 

In that vein, I want to celebrate my favorite makes from 2012. This year I completed 50+ items. Whoa! (Find a link to the complete list here.) It breaks down to approximately one item per week. I always thought the Sew Weekly premise of completing 1 item per week was a crazy goal to have, but it looks like I've averaged this anyway. This year, I had a really hard time picking out my favorites. I really like most of my makes, and I wear most of them on regular rotation. If that doesn't indicate success, I don't know what does.

Here are the winners:

Overall Favorite-
I love this top. I absolutely love it. It's pretty; it's comfy. It can be worn to work or the weekend. And best of all, it feels like ME! My Art Deco Pendrell won as my favorite last year. (Note to self: Make more Sewaholic Pendrells.)

Most worn-
I don't know if this category is quite fair... Yes, I wear these a lot, but they're jammies! Never-the-less, they are amazing.

Best Work Wear-
When I wear this dress, I feel confident, put-together, and ready to present. Plus, it's conservative for work, but still figure-flattering. What more could you want from a work dress?

Favorite Summer Weekend Wear-

This was one of my forays into the neon trend in 2012. Out of the four total neon tops I made (see one, two, and three), this one gets the most wear. It was almost a tie between this top and the Beetlejuice Tank, but this top wins because the fabric is softer, and I can wear a regular bra. (Never underestimate the importance of being able to wear a regular bra!)

Favorite Winter Weekend Wear-
The Zebra Shirt was the first thing I made in 2012. (Technically, I completed it in December of 2011, but I didn't blog about it until 2012... let's not split hairs...) I love the zebra fabric, and this shirt fits well. I find myself pulling it on again and again. In fact, I love it so much that I've made another. I was lucky enough to find the same fabric in aqua with black pumas on it. I've already made it into a matching shirt, so stay tuned for that post soon.

Most Fun to Sew-
Who knew that sewing undies would be so fun? Something about sewing on elastic is relaxing. Plus, they go together so quickly. It's a great instant-gratification project. Post will go up at the new year!

Most Popular- 
Ya'll really liked my Sewaholic Cordova Jacket! I was blown away by the response. Thank you so much for all the kind words. This make could also win "Most New Techniques" because between working with leather, sleeve heads, and a back stay, I learned a lot making this jacket. Plus, it's purple. Enough said.

That's the roundup of my favorites for 2012--now I'm ready for 2013--are you?


  1. LOL - I'm wearing my own block and grey bird pjs as I read this! ;) That fabric sure was popular this year!
    You've got a great list going - and hurray for Sewaholic Pendrells! I've made, uh, maybe 5? But I haven't made one for months... Gotta wait til spring!

  2. Gorgeous projects - and you are definitely a Sewaholic girl. I've just got to get out my Pendrell pattern and make that top!

    1. You're a Sewaholic too--love your Lonsdale.

  3. I just turned 31 this year, too! And I know what you mean by feeling 5 years younger. I don't feel younger per se, but I do think I look and feel better than I ever have! I love the clothes you make and your personal style. I think sewing is such an expression of how we feel inside, too. Great list and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, sewing is pretty awesome.

  4. just found ur blog via sew busy lizzy! some great makes! love how u used leftovers to make undies too! look forward to reading more about you and your adventures!


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